I happened across Royal Jordanian advertising careers on their Instagram story and decided to have a look. They are currently hiring Flight Attendants, which everyone seems to be doing right now.

RJ is a fantastic airline and I have fond memories of flying Crown Class with them and visiting Jordan. What I found intriguing about the job advertisement is the fact they publish a salary range. However, it differs depending on where you look.

Royal Jordanian Flight Attendants Earn…

Checking out the current job advertisement shows they are looking for female Jordanian people. The pay is slated to be $500 to $1,000 per month, which is what it is.

However, when you click on this link – which, to be fair, is marked as a “Closed or Expired Job Posting” – the salary is different. This older version actually pays more than the new one.

Have cabin crew salaries dropped that much or is RJ trying to save money? Probably a bit of both. Samer Majali is back at the helm of the airline after 12 years away and is asking for a Government bailout of the carrier.

The pandemic hit the airline hard and they are at risk of going under without it. Perhaps this has put pressure on the salaries compared to days past. Peeking a little further though shows that the new staff are contractors and not permanent. That would probably explain the difference in rates here.

Overall Thoughts

Royal Jordanian Flight Attendants are some of the best in the sky. The oneworld alliance carrier certainly maintains a level of service on par with the other airlines, plus they have superb onboard catering in my experience.

Finding out the salaries of cabin crew is always interesting, because so many airlines don’t publish them. I find the lack of salaries in job advertisements to be very annoying in general anyway, so it’s always nice to see them.

What do you think of the Royal Jordanian Flight Attendant salaries? Do they compare to what your airline pays you? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Mark Harkin via Wikimedia Commons.