XO Hotels Couture is where some friends and I stayed recently when visiting Amsterdam. We largely chose the place because it was close to where other friends lived.

Booking directly with the hotel means you receive a 10% discount, so our triple room ended up being €438.41. Split between three people, it made it reasonable enough, especially considering what you can pay for accommodation in the popular Dutch capital.

Payment on Arrival

The check-in agent was friendly and I advised others would be checking in separately. This led her to split the bill into three and I paid my portion of it. My friends checked in separately and €20 was added to the bill for overnight car parking. Somehow they managed not to get charged, so Reception telephoned the room the next morning asking us to come down and pay.

We went straight back to sleep. Later on there was a knock at the door and I expected it to be housekeeping. It turned out to be a someone from Reception looking for the remainder of the payment. I went on downstairs and paid the rest myself, which I really should have just done when I arrived. It was odd, most hotels never ask for the bill to be settled at check-in.

XO Hotels Couture Room

As advertised, we had a triple room, which turned out to be fine. It didn’t look quite as pleasant as the website pictures, but perhaps that was just the lighting.

Happily the room was air conditioned, which I had specifically checked for before reserving the room. I was expecting a hot Amsterdam summer but it turned out summer never arrived.

Everything was clean and it was a fine place to lay our heads at night. We slept well and found the beds and bedding to be quite comfortable.

Overall Thoughts

XO Hotels Couture is a fine enough hotel for a stay in Amsterdam. The price point, availability of a triple room and air conditioning were the selling points for me on this trip.

The whole being chased for payment aspect was weird, but the staff in the hotel were really nice when I had to interact with them. Despite that I wouldn’t stay here again as I didn’t particularly like the design of the room. I do like an aesthetically pleasing environment and this wasn’t really to my taste.

What do you think of XO Hotels Couture in Amsterdam? Have you stayed here before? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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