At London Heathrow Airport, the only hotel connected to Terminal 5 is the Sofitel. There is only one other hotel connected to the airport which is connected to Terminal 4. All other hotels require a bus or Tube trip to get to which is a bit annoying when all you want to do is sleep.

This luxury hotel features all the amenities you would expect from a top hotel. For example, there is an ESPA on premises with an extensive range of expensive spa treatments available. I’m here to tell you about the room.

Walking Down Long Corridors

When you arrive in Terminal 5, you follow the signs to the Sofitel which takes you down near where Marks & Spencer are. Turning left, you go outside and come to a lift, which takes you up to a long set of wide corridors.

Pleasantly there is a citrus fragrance pumped throughout which makes the walk rather nice. At the end it’s down an escalator and you arrive at the fairly humble check-in desks.

Attempts To Upsell At Check-In

Once I showed my Passport, the upsell commenced. Would I like a larger room and high speed Internet for just thirty quid? No. Would I like breakfast in the morning? No. Would I like a newspaper and wake up call? These are free, but no. Just take my details and get on with it.

The agent then proceeded to ask me if I was a member of the loyalty programme. I thought I was, he couldn’t find me and so proceeded to join me up so I could get some points. Okay then. I was then issued my key to room 1001 with very correct directions to my room.

Standard Queen Room At The Sofitel

You can tell this is a nice hotel. The bed in the room is quite enormous so I am not sure what benefit I would have had by upgrading to something bigger. The free standard Wi-Fi is also so speedy that I would not need the pricey high speed option.

Flanking the bed is a chair for relaxing and a round table which I ate my room service dinner on. There is a desk which I am actually using right now to write this post.

There are plenty of places to charge devices. Happily, the room features both UK/Ireland style plugs and US style plugs. My laptop is from the USA, so I could charge it directly for a change without the need for an adapter.

As is standard in many hotels there is a safe and also a fridge. Alas, this contains nothing but two forlorn bottles of water.

Sparkling Bathroom At The Sofitel

A bright bathroom featuring a round sink, bath tub, shaving mirror, shower, towels and all sorts of goodies gladdened my heart. It’s fun how the condition of a bathroom can make or break a stay.

All the white is contrasted with a nice marble floor. ESPA products are available and the soap smells really delicious, being Bergamot, Jasmine & A Hint of Cedarwood!

In addition to the bath there is also a walk in shower, so everyone would be happy here. I looking forward to giving these a whirl in the morning!

There are many towels and absolutely nothing to fault so I am quite happy.

Room Service At The Sofitel

Browsing through the room service menu I was struck by one thing. I loathe it when a “12.5% Discretionary Service Charge” is levied and then immediately under that a “£3.75 tray charge for all orders.” It almost makes a person want to go and get their own meal. They were forgiven when this arrived.

My Thai Green Vegetable Curry was spectacular! Really tasty and the rice! The rice was perfection! The salad wasn’t bad either and the Bora Bora Mocktail was just divine. Very happy despite shelling out around £35.00 for the privilege.

Overall Thoughts

Sofitel London Heathrow Terminal 5 is a very comfortable hotel connected to the terminal. This is excellent for British Airways and Iberia passengers as they are the only people using the terminal. You can connect via the underground to here when staying in the hotel, so it is good for anyone.

There is no fault I can find with the room. It was far too hot when I arrived but once I put the air conditioning down to 17C, it became nice and cool in under an hour. Room service is tremendously overpriced with the additional charges, however in fairness the food was brilliant. My first instinct was to pick up items for Marks & Spencer before going to the hotel and those on a budget would be wise to consider this.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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