The Qantas Club Launceston is the baby of lounges when it comes to the Qantas facilities in Australia. It is officially a Qantas Regional Lounge and takes the same design cues as its big city counterparts.

I passed through in February 2024 after a visit to Tasmania. For me, this lounge holds the distinction as one of the few I have entered, immediately left and then gone back in again. Here’s why.

Qantas Club Launceston

At check-in, the friendly agent wrote the lounge door access code on my boarding pass. Once through security, the lounge is immediately in front of you, so it’s pretty much unmissable. After keying in the code, you find yourself inside the little lounge, which has no views at all.

After scoping out the food on offer, which comprised of little slices, we left the lounge and headed to an airport food outlet. For the princely sum of about A$18, my Mum and I bought Salmon bagels and took them back to the lounge to eat.

As flight time approached, the lounge became busier, with almost all the seats taken. People were happily making themselves coffee and tea, reading newspapers, using their phones or chatting.

There didn’t seem to be too many power outlets, but the Wi-Fi was pretty decent. I snagged one of each type of slice and tried them all. Happily they are really delicious, so that was a plus.

Overall Thoughts

The Qantas Club Launceston – or should I say, the Qantas Regional Lounge in Launceston – is fine. It is a pleasant space to wile away the time before flying.

That being said, Launceston Airport is quite dainty and not busy, so you would be just as fine in the airy main terminal. You also have the added bonus of being able to see out over the tarmac and watch the planes.

At least one person did not seem to know the code and tailgated someone into the lounge, so I am not certain how many people actually had access versus the odd one or two who may have been interlopers. Either way, it’s not like there are buffets and free flowing Champagne, so any cost to the airline would be negligible.

What do you think of the Qantas Club Launceston? Is it the smallest lounge that Qantas have in Australia? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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