Friends of mine live quite near to Vondelpark in Amsterdam, so when looking for a place to stay I wanted to be nearby. The Dutch city is so homogenous that it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. I noticed Maison ELLE Amsterdam was minutes walk from where I needed to be and so that became my choice.

Hotels in Europe are a funny bunch, especially these days. It’s rather difficult to find decent rooms that are both up to date and not hideously expensive, especially in popular cities such as Amsterdam. Happily this place met my internal criteria for both price and comfort.


From Schiphol airport, it was a train and a tram to get to the hotel, but it was simple enough. Now that we all have Google Maps, it’s not exactly difficult to work out public transport in a foreign city. At the hotel street, I walked past the door to the hotel, walked back, found it and then thought it was closed. It looked closed. It wasn’t though!

Once inside, I sat down with the receptionist and did all the usual necessities. Yes, that’s right, I sat down. It’s that kind of place! Everything looked rather nice and soon enough I had my key in hand and off upstairs I went.

A Room At Maison ELLE Amsterdam

Immediately upon entering the room, I was struck by the windows which flooded the room with light. Luckily there were shutters on the inside to block out the light. In front of me was a chair and a table with two fashion books upon it, while to my left was the bed. To the right was the wardrobe and also to the right on the other side is where the bathroom was situated.

I appreciate complimentary water, but when the tap water is potable, I think it comes across as slightly wasteful. When it was bed time, I found the bed to gloriously comfortable in every way. To be honest, I wished I could have stayed longer – it was that nice! The only mild downside was the dust on the fashion books on the coffee table. Looks like they don’t get read often!

There’s A Balcony Too

Some of the windows turned out to be doors, which led to a little juliet balcony. I imagine you could sit there if you wanted to, but I guess it would be more for getting outside for a stretch.

Since it was March and not particularly warm, I really just went out to check it out. As there was nothing indicating the room would have one of these, it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall Thoughts

Quite frankly, the bed comfort was so good that I will stay at Maison ELLE again in the future. Besides being the perfect location in a great and vibrant part of the city, I found it all very much to my liking.

What is your go-to hotel when you’re visiting Amsterdam? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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