I was flying on EVA Airways from New York (JFK) to Taipei (TPE) in Business Class, and the lounge access that you are provided is to the Lufthansa Business Lounge. I’ve never flown on EVA Airways before, nor have I been to a Lufthansa Lounge before, so it was exciting to give both a try. I was a bit worried since my flight was originally scheduled to depart at 1:05 AM, but a few days prior it got moved to 3:40 AM which did not sound fun at all. To my surprise, they extended the hours of the Lufthansa Lounge until 3 AM to accommodate for our flight, which was greatly appreciated.

Access and Location

The Lufthansa Business Lounge New York (JFK) is located in Terminal 1 and is quite easy to find. Right after clearing security, you’ll see the lounge immediately past the checkpoint to the left.

The Lounge has three levels actually where the first level is the Lufthansa Business Lounge which serves Star Alliance business class passengers and Priority Pass members. The second level is the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, for Star Alliance Gold members and the third level is the Lufthansa First Lounge, for first-class passengers. When I entered the lounge around midnight, both of the upper levels were closed already.

a sign in a building

Lufthansa Lounge New York (JFK)

You can use this lounge if you’re a Star Alliance Gold member, or are departing in Star Alliance first or business class. So that is why EVA Airways sends their Business Class passengers to this lounge. Also, the lounge is open to Priority Pass members during select hours.

Currently, the Lufthansa Business Lounge New York JFK is open daily from 12 PM until 1:30 AM (except on Tuesdays & Thursdays when it’s open until 1 AM). If you’re accessing via Priority Pass, your access hours are much more limited, generally only in the afternoons. If you’re using Priority Pass be sure to check the Priority Pass website for hours of access.

The Lounge

The Lufthansa Business Class Lounge consists of one long room, with the front section behind more for dining, a buffet in the middle, and the back section focused on relaxing. I was checked in by a friendly associate who let me know that the lounge would be staying open until 3 AM to accommodate my flight, which was a welcomed surprise for me. As you enter, there are some high-backed spinning chairs near the reception desk.

Lufthansa Business Lounge New York

Entrance Spinning Chairs

Tucked on the left side behind the reception desk is a media room.

a room with couches and tvs at the Lufthansa Business Lounge New York

Media Room

Then, there are dining tables and hightops surrounding the buffet area. Along the right side, are windows that have views of the planes and taxiways.

Lufthansa Business Lounge New York

Dining Area

Past the buffet, is more seating, with a majority of them being sofa style for lounging.

a room with many chairs and tables

Lounge Seating in the Back

Lufthansa Business Lounge New York

More Seating

And in the back, are the restrooms. The men’s bathroom was fairly spacious with double sinks, two stalls, and three urinals. They were outdated and didn’t have any special toiletries, but they were relatively clean and nicer than having to go into the terminal to use the restroom.

Food Selection

Towards the center of the lounge, there is a buffet set up. For the hot dishes, they had Barbecue Chicken, Curry Wurst, Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles with Sundried Tomatoes, Brussels sprouts & Carrots, and Roasted Potatoes. I sampled a bit of each and they all unfortunately tasted below par. Two soups were also offered, a Minestrone Soup and a Dumpling soup. On the plus side, I enjoyed the dumpling soup.

a food on a counter at the Lufthansa Lounge New York

Hot Dishes

For cold items, they had a salad section, whole fruit, two sandwiches/wraps, cheese, and little dessert cakes.

a buffet with different types of food

Salad Section

a buffet table with food on it

Sandwiches and Desserts

And for drinks, they had coffee machines and a small soda fountain.

a counter with a drink dispenser and glasses

Drink Options

Towards the back, there are self-serve bottles of alcohol, as well as some candies and prepackaged chips.

a table with bottles and glasses at the Lufthansa Lounge New York

Alcohol and Snacks

Overall, it was not a horrible spread, but below par for an international business-class lounge, especially one being used by EVA Air. My parents were flying EVA out of Los Angeles around the same time as me and got to use the United Polaris Lounge which has restaurant-style dining. I was very jealous of them!

The Verdict

Overall, I’m so glad that the Lufthansa Business Lounge stayed open until 3 am due to my flight delay, as it was much nicer than waiting at the gate area with all the stores closed. I found that the lounge itself is probably a bit below average for an international business-class lounge. The food was not particularly appetizing, and the lounge itself was on the more basic side.


Have you visited the Lufthansa Business Lounge in New York (JFK) before? How was your experience? Comment below!




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