I was lucky enough to spend a week at one of my favorite resorts in the United States. The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa is a lovely hotel that has many enjoyable facilities. This hotel is about 30 minutes north of San Antonio in the Hill Country. A lot of the area near the hotel has become built up in the past few years but this property is over 600 acres so it will hopefully always keep the countryside style.


This review will just concentrate on the accommodation, I will review the facilities later.

The room costs over the next 2 weeks for example vary between about $450 and $1050 depending on the date. This hotel has great ballroom facilities so the rates will vary with events that are held there.

The room:

As you can see it is a nicely sized room. I normally get 2 double beds even if I am traveling alone so there is always quite a bit of extra space. There is a desk and chair as well as a relaxing chair.

a room with two beds and a desk

Here is the desk and chair. It has a pull out section too which gives you extra table space.

a desk with a television and a chair

The table contains a full audio/video connection panel for connecting to the tv.

a phone and a pen on a desk

The relaxing chair and leg support.

a chair and ottoman in a room

On the table between the beds is a phone, alarm clock and power bank.

a black alarm clock next to a black speaker

The room contains a refrigerator which is rather useful. The store downstairs in the hotel sells a lot of stuff that you can keep in the fridge.

a white refrigerator with shelves

As in most hotels these days there is a safe, this one is in one of the drawers.

a black box with a keypad on top

The cupboard contains an iron, ironing board, luggage rack and a nice robe.

a white robe on a swinger

There is also the ice bucket and glasses (not plastic cups) and 2 bottles of water. The coffee maker is also there, with supplies on hand.

a group of water bottles and glasses on a black container a black box with a lid open with a black lid and a black trash can


The bathroom:

Here is a view of the whole bathroom. It is really nice that there is a walk-in shower and a separate bath. I do enjoy relaxing in the bath.

a bathroom with a mirror and a bathtub

The bath with ledge on the side for resting your head on a towel..

a bathtub with towels on the side

This bathroom has nice supplies. Mouthwash, earbuds, cotton balls, body lotion, hand soap.

a bathroom counter with soap and other items

Toiletries are provided by Aromatherapy Associates. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided in the shower.

a group of bottles of liquid

The shower experience was quite fascinating. The water power was so strong, on the one setting on the shower head the water stream was like as hose pipe. It was a wonderful time spent under that strong shower feeling the powerful water stream on my back.

a shower with a shower head and a handrail

A nothing special view out of my window.

a tree with no leaves


I always enjoy staying at the Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa. This review just deals with the room. My next review will detail all of the extra facilities that are available at this resort.

I highly recommend this hotel. Enjoy it.