For my 3-day weekend cruise to the Bahamas, I needed to get to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) as the boat was leaving just a few miles away at Port Everglades. Comparing pricing, Delta and JetBlue were the two best options, but my friend and I decided to try out JetBlue. We ended up sitting the in the JetBlue Even More Space Seats on both flights, thanks to my American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Status.

Benefits with American Elite Status:

Since I am currently American AAdvantage Platinum, I get elite benefits on JetBlue as well. As a Platinum, I got priority check-in at the Mosaic line, priority security, and priority boarding with Mosaic. Additionally, 2 free checked bags are included, priority bag delivery, and a status mileage bonus. Above all, my favorite perk is the complimentary Even More Space Seats at check-in. Even though I was traveling with my friend who doesn’t have American Airlines status, he was able to get all the perks like me since we were on the same reservation. You can see the full benefits based on each AAdvantage level here.

I think the perks are quite generous, and they will definitely play a factor in my decision for booking future flights.

a seats with screens on the back

JetBlue A320 Restyled Mood Lighting

Flight Details:

JetBlue Airways Flights 471 and 572
New York (LGA) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Cabin: Even More Space
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seats: 5C and 5D

Check-In and Getting the JetBlue Even More Space Seats Complimentary:

At booking, prices for the Even More Space (rows 1-5 and exit rows 10-11) cost $58 for a middle seat and $64 for a window or aisle on my outbound leg. For my inbound leg, it was slightly higher, $63 for a middle seat, and $69 for a window or aisle. If you book the JetBlue Even More Space Seats, you get Early Boarding, and Priority Security if it’s available at your airport. The priority security would only be helpful if you don’t have TSA Precheck or Clear.

Once check-in opened at T-24 hours before my outbound flight, the Even More Space seats were available to select for free. But, the only seats that had two together were in the exit row but my friend and I didn’t want to sit there. So, we set up an ExpertFlyer alert if a seat in rows 1-5 opened up. Sure enough, a couple of hours before our flight, 2 seats in row 5 opened up, so we took those. On the inbound flight, we were able to get two seats in row 5 again.

At the airport, we had to check bags and you can access the Mosaic line to assist. There were no lines at New York (LGA) or Fort Lauderdale (FLL) for this service. Once we passed security, it was off to the AMEX Centurion Lounge (LGA) and the Escape Lounge (FLL) before the flights.

The Planes:

The A320 that operated both of our flights was the A320 Restyled. Both planes felt very similar and upon boarding the plane, I noticed the aircraft interior seemed quite fresh and updated. Most of JetBlue’s A320’s that are operating are in the “Restyled” form already, with only 11 out of the 130 in service being unrefurbished. Our planes had cute names: I Only Have Eyes For Blue and Blue 100.

JetBlue Even More Space

JetBlue A320 Restyled

JetBlue already offers solid legroom, in their standard Core Class (Economy). These Core seats on the A320 offer 32 inches of pitch. The JetBlue Even More Space seats offer 35 inches of pitch according to SeatGuru, so 3 inches more than Core. However, if you take the exit row Even More Space seats, they offer 38 inches of pitch.

The legroom was good, but the slim-line seats were a bit thin and you could feel a lot of movement if someone behind you was moving around the tray table or the seatback pockets. Additionally, the tray table was kind of unstable.

JetBlue Even More Space

Solid Legroom

The 10.1” HD seatback touchscreen TV was crisp and responded well. There were movies, 100+ channels of DIRECTV, and games. You could pair your phone to the TV and control it from your phone which was pretty cool.

a screen on a plane

Great IFE Screen

JetBlue Even More Space

Flight Map

There are also in-seat USB and 110v power outlets in every row.

There is 1 lavatory in the front of the cabin, and 2 in the rear. On both flights, I visited the lavatories, and they were clean. I do wish they installed automatic sinks though.


JetBlue offers free high-speed Wi-Fi called Fly-Fi on all of their flights. This is great, and there are no device limitations. This service by ViaSat was pretty solid, and I had no issues surfing on my flight. What’s really cool is that it doesn’t deactivate below 10,000 feet like some in-flight internet systems.

The Delay: LGA-FLL

Our inbound flight was delayed and the short 45-minute gap between flights left no room for delays so by default we were delayed. Boarding commenced 30 minutes after our previous scheduled departure and we left the gate 1 hour and 10 minutes later. I really feel that 45 minutes to deplane and reboard a 162-passenger A320 is cutting it too close.

With my Advantage elite status, we got to board with JetBlue Mosaic passengers. Interestingly, all American elites get to board in this group. The waiting area was kind of a mess and we had to shuffle through people to board at LaGuardia. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case in Fort Lauderdale.

There was a bit of runaway traffic, so we ended up taking off 1 hour and 50 minutes after our scheduled departure. We arrived at the gate in Fort Lauderdale 1 hour and 20 minutes late.

The (Slight) Delay FLL-LGA:

Again, JetBlue only scheduled 45 minutes from the arrival time of the last flight to our departure time. Due to a delayed inbound plane by 20 minutes, boarding started 20 minutes late and we left the gate 30 minutes after our scheduled departure time. We were able to make up some time in the air, so we arrived at the gate 12 minutes late, which was not too bad.

Cabin Service:

The cabin service was practically identical on both flights and the flight attendants were friendly. Since both of the flights were under 3.5 hours, no cafe food items were available for purchase. There were the EatUp snack boxes for $9 though. Pillows and earbuds were also available for $6 and a blanket for $7.

a menu of a restaurant

Items for Purchase

After the items for purchase cart completed its trek across the cabin. The beverage and snack services commenced. Interestingly, they first do the beverage service, then the snack service separately after. Pepsi products were complimentary, and snack choices included 88 Acres Seed Bars, Cheez-It Crackers, Chifles Plantain Chips, Goodie Girl Cookies, and Simply Stellar Vegan Pretzels.

JetBlue Even More Space

Drink and Snack Menu

a drink and a drink on a table

Ginger Ale and Snacks

I really enjoyed their array of snacks, and liked both the plantain chips and pretzel braids.

Checked Baggage:

After landing, our bags came out to the carousel pretty quickly after both flights, and since we had the priority tags, they were one of the first bags out too which was nice.

The Verdict:

Overall, I had a relatively enjoyable experience on the JetBlue Even More Space seats. Positives were the newly refreshed cabin, solid snack selection, and free Wi-Fi. The main con that I saw was the need to consider the tight turnaround times which allows a higher risk for delays.

Have you been on the JetBlue Even More Space Seats aboard the A320 (Restyled)? How was your experience?



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