We spent a couple of days at the Hyatt Centric, The Liberties in Dublin. The name The Liberties comes from jurisdictions dating from the 12th century. They were lands united to the city but preserving their own jurisdiction, hence liberties.

The river Liffey runs through the center of the city and is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. There is so much to see and do in a 30 minute walk from the hotel. Th Dublin Castle, Temple Bar pub, Trinity College, the National Leprechaun Centre, the Guiness Brewery, the James Joyce Cultural Center and many other places close to the river. (Thanks to Wikipedia)




Check in and the reception areas:

I had booked the hotel using Capital One points and it felt like a good deal. I paid $300 and 11,400 miles for the room ($207 a night) and I received the $300 Capital One travel credit right back.

This is the reception area. A pleasant and speedy check-in was ahead.

a man standing at a reception desk

The lounging area just in front of reception. Very pleasant design.

a room with a couch and coffee tables

This is the lounge and waiting area in the front of the hotel. The bar is on the left and the restaurant is at the far end of the room on the left.

a room with a large ceiling and a large window

A closer look at the pub area.

a room with blue chairs and tables

A travel guide display was in the reception area as well as an interactive video screen for info on the hotel.

a display screen and a display of cards

This was an area leading to a ballroom. It has a separate bar area and relaxing chairs. One can rent this whole area for an event.

a room with tables and chairs

A nicely comprehensive gym was also at hand.

a room with exercise equipment

Intriguing stairway leading to …

a set of stairs with a carpeted surface

All sorts of documents and mementos from the history of Dublin in the hallway leading to the elevators. The area was first settled around the 7th century and it became Irelands principal settlement in the 12th century (hence the 900 year old story).

a room with chairs and tables and framed art on the wall

a wall with pictures and chairs

This was the ice machine cabinet on my floor. The hotel has been open quite a few months and no ice machine yet. I had to go down to the bar and get them to fill my ice bucket.

a wooden cabinet with shelves


The hotel room:

This hotel room is close to a normal size. Double bed with the settee behind and the desk and chair on the left. Also place on the right for putting your travel bags.

a room with a bed and a tv

The chaise lounge was a pleasant and useful addition to the room.

a couch with a table in front of it

Wooden desk with chair, wall plugs, lamp, mirror and 2 bottles of water. The water supplied here was in a carton, interesting!

a table with a mirror and tickets on it

A phone and power plugs were next to the bed.

a telephone on a table

A small fridge and a safe were also provided.

a small refrigerator with a light inside a black safe with a keypad

Coffee maker as well as kettle, assortment of teas and 2 mugs with teaspoons were available. Seeing as we were in the home of Guiness they also provided a bottle opener.

two white mugs on a wooden surface

This drawer was handy. It contained a laundry bag, breakfast menu for hanging on your door for room service, laundry costs and an emergency door hangar.

a paper and a bag on a table

The view from my room showing part of the other wing of the hotel.

a building with a roof


The bathroom:

A pleasant bathroom layout featuring a modern sink, moisturizer, hand wash, soap, tissues, shower cap and glasses.

a sink and mirror in a bathroom

All the bathroom products are from Prija.

a group of bottles on a counter

Shampoo and conditioner on the wall in the shower.

a couple of plastic bottles with white labels a shower head and soap dispensers on a wall



The Hyatt Centric The Liberties in Dublin was a nice place to stay. It is within 10 minutes walk from the river, there are churches, hotels, restaurants, fish and chips shops, memento stores and many bars within a 15 minute walk. It could be the starting point of your next trip to Ireland.

a building with a flag on the front