I found myself unexpectedly staying overnight at the Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport thanks to a missed flight connection. It is the first time I have ever needed to walk over to a hotel and ask for a room without booking first.

The hotel is handily located directly across the road from the passenger terminal. Since I had been awake for most of the preceding 24 hours, that was very welcome indeed.


Once I arrived at the hotel, I asked for a room for the night. Presumably as there had been a lot of cancellations, they only had Executive Rooms available, which was fine.

After completing my details, I was given a key and directions up to my room. The desk agent was quite friendly, which was great as I was so tired after a gruelling day.

Executive Room Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport

After the lift deposited me on the fourth floor, I quickly found my room and entered. Quite frankly, it was as I expected it to be, with all the usual hotel amenities present.

Two bottles of complementary water are available, which I liked as I was thirsty. You can drink the water from the taps anyway, so they could be refilled if you so desired.


Of course, there is also a nicely appointed bathroom. These featured refillable shampoo and body wash, as opposed to the miniatures that hotels usually hand out. More places are doing what Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport does, as it is more environmentally friendly.

When it came time to shower, I found the hot water arrived quickly and pressure was good. Nothing to fault here really, it was clean and as it should be.

Room Service

Since I had barely eaten all day, I decided to order room service for dinner. The Summer Vegetable Risotto sounded nice, so I had that along with some chips. It was delivered pretty swiftly too.

Portion sizes are perfect, so that you’re not over full, and it was really tasty. Since I don’t make risotto for myself at home, I quite enjoyed this.

Overall Thoughts

The Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport is a pleasant place to stay when you’re stuck overnight. The bed was really comfortable and the pillows were decent enough to sleep on for me. I never like a place with really flat pillows, as one does need some support, which I found here.

Happily the blinds made the room dark and it was quiet, so sleeping was a breeze. Next morning I popped BBC Breakfast on the TV while I got ready and set about heading back to the terminal to fly on to London.

Have you stayed at this hotel before? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.