Dublin Express is the relatively new bus service which replaced the old route 747 and 757 to the airport. It’s arguably an improvement over those, as the coaches are far more comfortable than a normal Dublin bus.

Usually I take the AirCoach to and from the airport, but recently I noticed Dublin Express has a stop virtually beside Harcourt Luas stop on Hatch Street Upper. This is just across the road from where the 757 bus used to originate on Charlotte Way, which means it is now an easy walk for me to get to.

Prices and Booking

Online booking works well and I found that a return ticket cost the princely sum of €10 return. This is cheaper than the AirCoach, so I was pretty happy about that.

I printed off the ticket, though I suspect I could just as easily have shown it on my phone. The confirmation e-mail says to arrive at the stop 15 minutes in advance, which is a lot, and I ended up getting there about then.

A Trip On The Dublin Express

The bus arrived a few minutes before it was scheduled to arrive, which was decent. I showed the driver my printed ticket and he looked at it and let me on board. As the only person to board at what is the first stop of the route, I decided to get some pictures.

Off we went, into town, past St. Stephen’s Green and onwards down the quays to head into the Port Tunnel. Safety cards were present in some of the seat pockets, so I nabbed one for a little look.

We arrived at Dublin Airport Terminal 1, parking on the other side of the car park to where the buses depart. From there it was a short walk straight through to arrivals.

Overall Thoughts

The Dublin Express bus feels faster than the AirCoach. Part of that reason was because I was travelling on a Tuesday afternoon, one of the quietest flying days of the week. Therefore we didn’t have to make many stops to pick people up.

Still, flying through the Port Tunnel is a lot quicker than heading through the city and up via Drumcondra like the AirCoach does. I’d say that if you were able to get the Dublin Express easily, take it, because it’s just as comfortable, cheaper and potentially faster.

Have you used the Dublin Express Bus before? What do you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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