Minute Suites is a collection of day rooms. Some of these are part of the Priority Pass Network, and the one at DFW is a wonderful option for those looking to have a restful break. I would highly recommend people to use their 1 hour pass from Priority Pass here when they transit through DFW. For those wanting to stay longer or without Priority Pass, you can purchase access.

The Good: Quiet Room, comfortable sofa bed, large TV.

The Bad: No in-room bathroom, somewhat small size, water bottles were for purchase.

The Noteworthy: Rooms were very sound proof, you couldn’t even hear what was happening in the hallway.


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Minute Suites is located in terminal D at DFW. They are across the contract lounges for many of the international carriers that fly to the airport. The unassuming entrance can be easily missed. Once there, present your Priority Pass card and, pending availability, they will arrange a room for you.


The Room

The Room is truly peaceful. There was a large TV that doubled as a giant computer screen. They had DirecTV cable, as well as local channels. Lights are controlled with a scrolling knob. Across the desk and TV was the sofa. The sofa doubles as a bed, and they had three pillows (one soft, one firm and one decorative). The blanket was plush and warm, but a bit on the small side. They also have an alarm clock and water bottles that are for sale, kind of a bummer.

DFW Minute Suites Desk

DFW Minute Suites Desk

Day Bed

Day Bed

Minute Suites Pay for Water

Minute Suites Pay for Water

Shower, Service and Other Things

The room does not have a bathroom, but if you want to go to the bathroom, they have some inside the lounge. They also have 2 shower suites, which can be reserved when you come into the lounge. I would recommend reserving one as soon as you are there, because with a full lounge, there would probably be a line.

The lounge attendant was very kind, as was very attentive. He proactively asked if I wanted a shower, and knocked on my door in lieu of a wake up call. While I was there, I only saw a few people in the lounge.


Landing Thoughts:

This is a hidden gem in the Priority Pass Network. I loved my time there, and was able to have a restful 45 minute nap. The concept of nap rooms needs to be adopted by more airline first class lounges. There’s nothing as nice as your own private suite to sleep in. This is one of the ways the Concorde Room by British Airways shines. All in all, I highly recommend this lounge.


What do you think? Have you ever been to the Minute Suites at DFW? How was your experience? Let us know!


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