I was flying on Delta because the person I was traveling with had a Companion Certificate to utilize. Booking a roundtrip from New York to Atlanta, the lowest-priced flight was flying New York (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL), and then back from Atlanta (ATL) to Newark (EWR).

Flight Details

Delta Air Lines Flight 968
New York (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL)
Duration: 2 Hours 20 Minutes (Arrived 17 minutes early)
Seat: 26E
Cabin: Main Cabin (Preferred Seat)
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200

Silver Medallion Upgrade Stats

My travel companion on this flight is a Sliver Medallion member on Delta with a Reserve Card, so we were both eligible for an upgrade. There were a lot of elite members flying on this flight, and so we were 35/67 on the First Class upgrade list, and then in the teens for a Comfort Plus seat. Tons of elites on this route it seems.

Delta LGA Sky Club

I was able to see the new expansion to the already great Delta Sky Club in New York (LGA). The expansion added an outdoor Sky Deck, an additional bar, and extra dining table seats. You can check out my quick review here if you’d like.


Boarding started 40 minutes before our scheduled departure, and boarding was a bit messy at LaGuardia with many of our flight’s passengers blocking the walkway to the other gates. We were in boarding group 5 and were able to get overhead carry-on space at our row. Once onboard, it was a slow walk towards the back of the plane. Also, I noticed that the aisles on this A321 were very narrow.

a row of seats in the Delta A321 Main Cabin

Delta A321 Main Cabin

a row of seats in an airplane

Delta A321 Seatback IFE Screens

Special Seats on the Delta A321-200: Row 26

There are special seats on the Delta A321-200 at row 26 which is the exit row. These seats only have 2 on each side, rather than the typical 3-3 configuration.


a screenshot of a plane

Delta A321-200 Seatmap from aeroLOPA

So, we chose 26 D & E, so we wouldn’t have to sit next to a stranger. I found out that 26 B & C has a flight attendant jumpseat attached to the lavatory wall, so there will be a flight attendant in what would be the 26 A area.

Rows 26 and 27 are designated as “Preferred” Seats, so they are complimentary to Medallion members.

I found the seat to have a lot of legroom which was nice. But the only negative is that the lavatory door is right across the aisle, and even on our short flight, it had a decent amount of traffic. So, it’s really a trade-off for the extra legroom versus the annoyance of the lavatory.

Delta A321 Main Cabin Seats in row 26.

Tons of Legroom

an airplane with an open door

Exit Door

a group of people standing in a plane

26 D & E

Another thing about these seats is that the entertainment screens and tray tables are located inside the armrest. I actually don’t mind it this way!

a screen on the Delta A321 Main Cabin

IFE Screen

For the in-flight entertainment, there was a good selection of movies, TV shows, live TV, games, and Spotify playlists.

The Flight

The captain let us know that the flight time in the air would be 1 hour and 40 minutes. The boarding door closed 3 minutes before our scheduled departure, and we left the gate right on time.

Shortly after, the flight attendants came down the aisle to pass out headphones.

We taxied for about 25 minutes and then took off. After takeoff, the flight attendants passed by with a beverage and snack service.

a drink and a bag of chips on a tray

Sun Chips & Ginger Ale

Snack options included mini bags of Sun Chips, almonds, Biscoff cookies, and a granola bar.

Additionally, there was free Wi-Fi provided for Skymiles members. The Wi-Fi worked quite well throughout the whole flight.

The flight went by pretty quickly, and we landed 24 minutes early and got to the gate 17 minutes early.

The Verdict

Overall, I had a solid flight in the Delta A321 Main Cabin. I found the row 26 D & E seats to be unique and a good choice if you are just traveling with one companion, and are willing to put up with being close to the lavatory.


Have you flown on the Delta A321 Main Cabin before? How about in Row 26 D & E? How was your experience? Comment below!




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