The Citi Business Thank You Card is a lesser-known option from Citi. That’s because you cannot apply for it online. Prospective cardholders must go into a Citi branch and apply for the card with a banker there. This card is an interesting alternative for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to earn Citi Thank You (TY) Points. Plus, it comes with no annual fee and a plethora of earning opportunities.

Several readers have commented about this card on previous Citi-related posts. I initially thought it was discontinued or Citi was not accepting new applications because there was no way to apply online. However, I did some research about this lesser-known card and found that it could be a nice addition for the right business owner.



As with most Citi TY point-earning cards lately, the Business Thank You card’s value lies in its earning structure. Its one of the only business cards that has rotating quarterly categories. However, cardholders will earn 3x points in those categories instead of 5% cash back or 5x points. This rate is lower than a typical rotating card, but it could still be valuable.

Cardholders will earn 3x TY points in the following categories:

  • 1st Quarter: Advertising Services and Office Supply Merchants
  • 2nd Quarter: Computer Equipment Merchants, Software Merchants, and Telecommunications Merchants
  • 3rd Quarter: Airlines, Hotels and Car Rental Merchants
  • 4th Quarter: Restaurants and Entertainment

The categories are fixed for each quarter, meaning that the categories do not change from year to year. Changing categories is part of the fun about rotating cards, so I am disappointed that Citi does not give this card more attention. Nonetheless, they are nice for most business owners and entrepreneurs because they are common expenses. Plus, they can substitute in for other business cards and there are no spending limits on the categories.

Non-category expenses earn just one point per dollar.

The Citi Business Thank You Card also comes with a sign-up bonus worth 20,000 TY points. Cardholders must spend at least $3,000 within the first three months to earn the points. However, Doctor of Credit (H/T) reported that in some regions the bonus is doubled to 40,000 TY points for the same minimum spend. Your mileage may vary with this bonus. But at the same time, its nice that Citi even offers a bonus on this lesser-known card.



Earning points is fantastic, but points earned are useless if you cannot redeem them for anything of value. Citi has multiple options for redemption:

Transfer Partners

Transfer partners are by far Citi’s most valuable option. They are the reason why so many points and miles enthusiasts love Thank You points so much. Citi’s strength lies in international airlines and travel, making the Business Thank You Card a good one if you want to travel outside of the United States.

Citi TY points transfer to the following partners at a 1:1 ratio (unless otherwise noted):

  • Aeromexico
  • Asia Miles / Cathay Pacific
  • Avianca LifeMiles
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Guest
  • Eva Air
  • KLM Flying Blue / Air France
  • Jet Airways
  • JetBlue (5 TY = 4 True Blue Points if you do not have a premium Citi card, otherwise 1:1)
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

Your mileage may vary for each partner. But for most partners, you should be able to easily redeem your points for at least 1.5 cents per point (CPP).

Other Options

Transfer partners are the best way to redeem TY points with this card. However, there are a few other options:

Gift Cards values range from 2,500 to 10,000 points per card. Each point redeemed is worth 1 CPP.

Points are worth 0.625 CPP for cash back or statement credit redemptions. This card is not for you if either of these options is more attractive than travel.



The Citi Business Thank You Card comes with a few benefits, even though Citi dropped the benefits from their cards in September 2019.

Anniversary Bonus

Cardholders will receive a points bonus for each year they are a cardholder. This is known as the Anniversary Thank You Point bonus. It is unknown how many points you will receive. But something is better than nothing, regardless of the amount.

0% Intro APR

Cardholders will also receive a 0% intro APR for the first six months. This period is shorter than average. But most business cards, especially transferrable point-earning cards, do not have a 0% period.


Similar Cards

Check out these alternatives if the Citi Business Thank You Card is not for you:

Chase Ink Business Unlimited

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card is a nice alternative for businesses that have more varied expenses. It has no annual fee and it earns Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points.

The Ink Business Unlimited comes with a sign-up bonus worth 50,000 UR points. It can be earned after spending $3,000 within the first three months. This bonus is one of the best bonuses for a no annual fee business card. It also offers more value than the Business Thank You Card’s bonus for the same minimum spend.

Furthermore, the Ink Business Unlimited earns 1.5x UR points per dollar for all purchases. It’s a nice earner, especially when used in tandem with a premium Chase card.

The Ink Business Unlimited is the better for businesses that want access to Chase transfer partners, UR points, and a flat rate earning structure. But the Business Thank You Card is better for those who can spend within its rotating categories

Chase Ink Business Cash

The Chase Ink Business Cash Card is another fantastic alternative for businesses that want to earn UR points quickly. It has no annual fee and comes with the same sign-up bonus as the Ink Business Unlimited.

However, its earning structure is different than that of the Business Thank You Card. The Ink Business Cash earns 5x UR points at Office Supply Stores and for internet, TV, and phone bills. Plus, this card also earns 2x UR points on Dining and at Gas Stations.

American Express Blue Business Plus

The Amex Blue Business Plus Card is a great alternative for those who want to earn Amex Membership Rewards (MR) points. This card is also for businesses that have varied spend, especially if their total annual expenses are less than $50,000.

The Blue Business Plus does not come with a sign-up bonus. However, it comes with one of the best earning structures among business cards. It earns 2x MR points for the first $50,000 in purchases every year. Thereafter, cardholders earn just one point per dollar.

The Blue Business Plus is best for business owners and entrepreneurs who want access to Amex’s transfer partners and MR points. It’s also amazing for businesses with varied expenses. Conversely, the Business Thank You Card is better for businesses who have major expenses within its rotating categories. And it’s better for business owners who want to earn TY points.


Final Draw

The Citi Business Thank You Card is a lesser-known business card that does not get the attention that it deserves. I wish Citi would advertise it a lot more and let prospective cardholders apply online. Not all entrepreneurs and business owners want to walk into a branch to apply for a credit card. This is especially true because just about every competing card has an online application.

Nonetheless, the Citi Business Thank You Card has lots of hidden potential for no annual fee. Its earning structure is unique among business cards and it has a decent sign-up bonus. The only knock on this card is the lack of benefits compared to competitors. But that’s the way Citi has made their cards.