Well, it seems that just about anything that can be announced for the upcoming year in loyalty has been announced. So far, we have:

Oh, I’m sure there are a smattering of changes across hotels and other airline programs, but the big news is out. SkyMiles and MileagePlus are going revenue-based, but AAdvantage will remain AAdvantage for the time being. I would opine that they had no other choice in the context of all the other business challenges presented by combining AA and US into one, but…. the beauty of being what is likely the last major airline merger is that you can watch what happens with the other programs.

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What would Ryan Bingham do? (George Clooney staring in the movie, Up in the Air)

As the year winds down, and we wrap up our elite status for the new year, what’s your mood? Mine is…I wait. I’ll renew Platinum Medallion shortly, but I am going to experiment a little. My travel circumstances require it. But what about you? Have you already bailed on your program? Are you staying put? Sounds like a fine question for a reader poll.

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