In Athens my intention had been to use the Skyserv Aristotle Lounge but it was nowhere to be found and so I had to look elsewhere.

screenshot of a phone screen


I had previously visited the Goldair Handling lounge but this time I thought I would try the Skyserv Handling Services lounge.

The Aegean lounge listed is on level 1. The other 3 lounges are on level 2 and they are situated right next to each other.

The Skyserv lounge is for Air China, Egypt Air and British Airways among others. I was flying a BA flight so was eligible.


a screens on a wall

So the lounge itself was signed Skyserv as well as Sky Express VIP lounge. But there was a sign on the door. “Dear passengers, Please proceed to the Swissport lounge. Thank you”.

That lounge was right next door so I went in. The Swissport lounge is for Qatar, Royal Jordanian and Dragonpass.


a sign on a wall a glass doors with a light reflecting off the glass

So after all that there was no problem checking in and I was in the lounge.

Very dramatic colors hit me immediately. Shiny pink, gold and purple colors and bright orange and black tiles.

The lounge is nice and large and has this dramatic color scheme. Nice large tv’s on the walls and many very comfortable areas to sit.

a group of people sitting at a table in a room with a large screen a purple couch and a table

Equally dramatic floor tiles make for a rather bright room. It was almost overbearing.

a group of people sitting in a room with tables and chairs

Even a lovely fishtank in the corner. A large and enjoyable lounge. There are also monitors on the wall with departing flights listed.

a room with a television and a man sitting at a table


Food and drink choices:

A small but pleasant display of food all nicely spread out.

a kitchen with a counter and a coffee machine

Salad and sandwiches with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, turkey and other items. There were soup options too.

a trays of food on a counter

Lovely Mediterranean food choices. Olives, egg plant, tomatoes, pasta salad, cretan salad and various other dishes.

a buffet line with different types of food

Really interesting plates to use.

a stack of plates on a table

My favorite coffee machine for a really good cappuccino. Tea was also available.

a coffee machine on a counter

A small variety of liquor was available but a full fridge with wine, beer, juice, sodas and water was handy. There is enough here to keep most people happy.

a group of bottles of alcohol on a table

Rusks, biscuits, cake and cocoa-orange cereal bars are sweet treats on the counter.

a display case with food and drinks on it



Even the restrooms have a dramatic tile and marble decorating scheme.

a bathroom sink with soap dispensers

This is the gentleman’s rest room with appropriate fittings.

a bathroom with a sink and soap dispenser

The staff does a nice job as the toilet was clean and shiny. Very nice and bright to use.

a toilet in a bathroom



Another very successful experience using Priority Pass around the world.

My visit to the Swissport lounge was rather unexpected but it was a fun experience.

The dramatic colors were really interesting, the food was lovely and I did enjoy my stop over there.

I used 2 different lounges in a week in Athens and they were both better than most Priority Pass lounges in the United States.

You cannot go wrong using the Priority Pass lounges in Athens.