Having just returned from the 2013 Chicago Seminars, I thought I would share a few reflections on a really wonderful weekend. The seminars actually started on Friday evening this time, followed by a very full Saturday, and big Sunday as well. I have to say the organizers of the Chicago Seminars are to be commended for putting together a great weekend. The quality of the presenters and the enthusiasm of the attendees was just awesome.

I would love to share all the details of each seminar, but I could not attend everything. I really enjoyed Frequent Miler’s presentation on Million Mile Madness. Each of the presenters will have their presentations available online in the very near future. You can check out the list of presenters and their topics here. As you know, I presented a few thoughts on cruising during the seminar, and I will cover my presentation in a separate post on Tuesday.

The Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village is not the fanciest hotel I’ve ever visited, but it’s clean, comfortable, and the staff does an amazing job dealing with our crew of miles and points junkies if you ask me. The hotel’s restaurant, Shelby Campbell’s does a good job of taking care of seminar attendees before, during and after a busy day of sessions too. As great as the sessions are, a lot of the best information is picked up by networking during the day and especially the evening. This event was no different. Shelby Campbell’s is a good spot to hangout. 😉 And I can neither confirm nor deny if MJonTravel and Mr/Mrs DeltaPoints were seen checking out the steak quality at Harry Caray’s.

Long story short, there’s just a lot of great people sharing great information at this event. If you are thinking about attending next year, please do! You won’t regret it. I hear a weekend in early October 2014 is a good time to block some space on your calendar. 🙂

-MJ, October 14, 2013