Folks, there’s a plethora of travel-related websites out there. All of them have something to say that’s sometimes worth hearing, but I focus my reading on a select few, and in doing so, feel that I keep a good handle on what’s happening in the travel industry. My recommended reading (or bookmarking) list is as follows: Not a blog, but a fantastic source of data on airline performance. MJ on Travel offers a flight status widget on the homepage that links directly to I normally check the performance history of every flight I book on flightstats, and recommend you do the same.

Traveling Better. Traveling Better does not get the same level of traffic as FlyerTalk, but it also hasn’t attracted the same number of trolls and rabble-rousers. I find the American Airlines forum on Traveling Better to be especially informative. Excellent source of information on a multitude of miles and points programs. Like Flyertalk, a Randy Peterson creation. Boarding Area features a number of my favorite blogs including View From the Wing, Cranky Flier and Joe Sharkey at Large. Another blog I like to read is Holly Hegeman’s PlaneBuzz. I also subscribe to her newsletter, Plane Business.

Mike Boyd. You’ve gotta love Mike. He’s right more often than wrong, and reading his regular Monday posting will make you laugh, whether you agree with it or not. Did I mention that Mike is right more often than wrong?

Joe Brancatelli. I’ve been subscribing to Joe’s newsletter since the day I left the airline industry, and was reading his website before that.

The Travel Insider. I enjoy David Rowell’s weekly newsletter, and so will you.

There are a lot more out there, but only these sites have earned a place on my list of bookmarks. When you add them to your favorites list, I’d be honored if you added as well!