I started the blog in August 2006, and joined BoardingArea sometime in late 2008. Unlike many of my BA brethren, I blog about a smorgasbord of all things travel, not just miles and points. Most of my airline topics are written from the perspective of someone who came from the airline side of things, to the annoyance of some. But the other things I write about are really just based in what I’ve experienced over the years. One of the things I write about often is cruising. I realize that’s not something anyone else on BoardingArea writes about often, and I’m OK with that. There’s a small, but dedicated group of readers of the blog that come here for that, and I’m happy to have them. I found myself entertained with today’s email that basically said “why do you write about cruising?” Well, I’ll answer that here in no particular order of importance.

  • No one else on BoardingArea does.
  • No one else (that I’m aware of) in the miles and points space does.
  • I like cruising.
  • I like sharing my enthusiasm for cruising.
  • I like hearing about and sharing in others’ enthusiasm for cruising.
  • My SEO data says I’m not the only one that likes cruising.

In other words, I enjoy cruising, talking about cruising, and my customers seem to appreciate it. Therefore, I will continue to write about cruising. Yes, we’ve been on Quantum of the Seas overload around here over the last week or so, but Quantum is a new ship, there’s some interest in cruising’s first Smart Ship, I’ll be cruising on her in a few weeks, and I enjoy sharing all the details I can get about the new ship. I’m most looking forward to boarding the ship and sharing up front details, but I’ll be sure to write about other things too. Thank you for reading!

-MJ, November 12, 2014

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