1. Airfares will continue to rise.
  2. Hotel rates will rise along with them.
  3. Flights will remain full.  Have a backup plan, and a subscription to ExpertFlyer.
  4. The war between airlines and online travel agencies will continue to heat up.  At this time, I’m not choosing sides, nor am I predicting who will win.  However, air travelers will likely loose.
  5. Will it become worth your while to engage the services of a professional travel agent?  Only you know the value of your time spent searching for airfares.  But wouldn’t it be ironic if the end result of airlines’ war on online travel agencies drove more consumers into the doors of a brick and mortar travel agency?  Not predicting that will happen…just saying “what if?”
  6. MJ on Travel will travel more in 2011 than 2010, and I’m looking forward to every mile of it.

What do you predict?