1. Tomorrow, I fly to Atlanta. I’m flying Delta Air Lines. This trip was just booked last week, so I’m not sure where I was in the upgrade time of request pecking order. Currently, I’m # 1 of 4 on the upgrade list with 3 available. The flight isn’t that long, but it sure is nice when the upgrade clears, isn’t it? It seems like I need more room around me than I used to! Maybe SkyMiles isn’t that bad sometimes….at least when the upgrade clears.
  2. With all the anger I read on the message boards about Delta’s decision to confiscate SkyMiles if plans change within 72 hours of departure, I wonder if it makes any difference? I mean seriously, I don’t like it, but as I said in my post on the subject, I can think of 2 times in 20 years when I would have been negatively impacted by such a policy. Still, I think it’s kind of a bum deal. Will Delta change its mind? Time will tell. If enough people really are serious about their distaste for the change, they will. So be serious!
  3. Come to think of it, if I had a couple hundred thousand miles invested in business class flights across the pond, and found out that I had some kind of work or family reason to cancel the trip 2 days before, I’d be seriously hot if Delta didn’t exercise a little discretion on this policy that’s supposedly good for us.
  4. I’ll be staying in Midtown Atlanta this visit at the W Atlanta Midtown. It’s been a while as my last couple of stays have been up in Buckhead. Buckhead has kind of grown on me, even if it is further from my work site. It’s kind of funny to me that the W Midtown and the W Buckhead are owned by the same property company, but have totally different vibes. Not better or worse for either…just different. Guess that’s why I like W Hotels in general, and stay with them at every opportunity.
  5. If you’re interested in a chance to win some miles. Check out this Milepoint thread and contest sponsored by MP members HansGolden and travelkid on behalf of 2 anonymous MP members. Act fast.