I was going to have 3 hours in the Lufthansa Business Lounge, so I decided to wander around JFK’s Terminal 1 for a bit and see what other lounges there were. I decided to check out the Primeclass Lounge New York Terminal 1 before it closed at 1 AM, and so I entered at around 12:20 AM. When checking in at the reception desk, I was told that the kitchen closes at 12:15 AM so there would be no food options available. I was a bit bummed as I was curious to see what the food offerings would be, but oh well!

Access and Location

The Primeclass Lounge New York (JFK) Terminal 1 is located next to Gates 8 and 9, which is towards the end of the terminal. At the moment, The Primeclass Lounge New York (JFK) Terminal 1 is open daily from 11:30 AM until 1 AM, except for Wednesdays and Fridays, when it closes at 11:30 PM.

Based on their website, access is granted to:

  • Priority Pass
  • Dragon Pass
  • Loungeme
  • TAV Passport
  • LoungePair

It also seems to be the contract lounge for Cayman Airlines and China Eastern. Visits are granted for 3 hours and it also looks like you can pay $65 to enter as well.

The Lounge

When entering the lounge, you’ll check in at the reception desk, but the actual lounge itself is located one level under the terminal. Despite being one floor lower, you still have windows to the outside which helps to make it feel less like a dungeon. The lounge is about 4,300 square feet and can fit 95 people.

Once you head downstairs, you’ll arrive at the bar area, and the buffet section is on the left. The buffet section seemed quite large, so I’d be curious to see the food selection during the day.

Buffet Area at the Primeclass Lounge New York

Buffet Area

a room with a glass wall and chairs

Seating and Bar

a room with chairs and tables at the Primeclass Lounge New York

More Seating

The ceilings are a bit low, but there are a variety of chairs from high tops, spinning chairs, dining chairs, and chairs with high backs for more privacy.

a room with tables and chairs at the Primeclass Lounge New York

Seats by the Window

There are windows, and you can kind of see the planes but you are blocked by the jet bridges due to the lower elevation of the lounge.

While there was no food, the coffee machines and soda cans were still available.

a coffee machine and a counter in a restaurant

Drinks Area

The restrooms are located in the very back of the lounge, on the right, and there are two individual restrooms. There seemed to be a line during my quick visit, so I did not get a chance to see how they were. There is also a shower room.

The Verdict

Overall, I think the Primeclass Lounge New York (JFK) Terminal 1 could be a cute space if it’s not too crowded. It seems that it could be a decent spot to relax as Terminal 1 at JFK is not the nicest to wait in the terminal area. Next time, I’ll have to come when they are serving food to see how that selection is. 


Have you visited the Primeclass Lounge New York (JFK) Terminal 1 before? How was your experience? Comment below!




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