Once upon a time, the Qatar Airways service from Doha to Auckland was the longest flight in the world. They have since lost that crown as the Singapore Airlines services from Singapore to New York are slightly further.

At the moment, the oneworld alliance airline serves New Zealand via Adelaide in Australia. It’s been that way for a while, but good news is afoot.

Doha to Auckland Is Coming Back!

Clocking in at 14,535km (9,032 miles), the flight is a long one. Doha to Auckland should take 17 hours or so, using the Airbus A350-1000 with Qsuites. These are some of the world’s best business class seats, which I reviewed here.

It is reported the non-stop services are due to recommence from 1 September 2023, eliminating the Adelaide stopover. That will save some time and also make for a more seamless journey for the Kiwis.

People often baulk at such a long flight, but I’ve flown Doha to Auckland four times. Even though it was on the Boeing 777-200LR with the previous business class seats, I loved the flights. You can see a review of the flight to New Zealand here, and what I thought of the return journey right here.

Of course, I took the flights in business class, but quite frankly Qatar Airways are also pretty decent in economy class. My only recommendation for those not flying up front would be to snag an aisle seat. That way you can get up as much as you like to stretch or get some water and so on.

Overall Thoughts

The non-stop flights from Doha to Auckland are coming back on 1 September 2023. While they won’t be the longest flight in the world, they will be the third longest after the two Singapore Airlines flights to Newark and JFK in New York.

Have you ever flown between Doha and Auckland or indeed one of the other longest flights in the world? How did you find it? Have you any tips to make the flight better? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Juke Schweizer via Wikimedia Commons.