Australia’s Qantas planned to return the A380 to service from the middle of 2022. This has now been changed, with the first aircraft flying passengers again from January.

The airline intends to have six of their fleet back in service by the end of 2022, with another four due in service by the start of 2024. That means two of their much loved superjumbos will be retired as surplus to requirements.

Qantas Return The A380 Early

Australian Aviation is reporting Qantas will return the A380 to service from 11 January 2022. The first plane back will be VH-OQB, and it will be flying from Sydney to Los Angeles three times weekly.

The fleet has recently undergone a cabin reconfiguration, with business class changed out from the previous Skybeds to the more up to date seating found on the company’s Boeing 787 fleet. At the same time, first class was given a refresh and the business class lounge was redesigned.

For the well heeled traveller, the return of the superjumbo also means first class is back. Certain high level frequent flyers booked on the cancelled Dreamliner services will be given complimentary upgrades to first class, which will no doubt be very welcome indeed.

Overall Thoughts

Qantas will return the A380 to service from 11 January 2022. This is far earlier than the originally slated return which is still planned to be the Sydney to London via Singapore services from 19 June 2022.

Good news all round for the the pilots and crew of the aircraft. All this is due to the Queensland state Government in Australia requiring air crew to undergo 14 days isolation after each service, meaning the pool of 787 pilots is unable to operate the current planned schedule.

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Featured image by Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons.
A380 interior pictures via Qantas.