Alan Joyce, the CEO of Australia’s Qantas, made some comments on a current affairs show in Australia about flying in the future. Only passengers who have had the Coronavirus vaccine will be permitted on their international flights.

It is an interesting development, and one that will likely be watched by other airlines around the world. Now what exactly did he say about this?

Proof of Coronavirus Vaccine

During the programme “A Current Affair” on Australia’s Channel 9 network, he said the following. “We are looking at changing our terms and conditions, to say for international travellers – we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft”.

Qantas believe this will be a necessity once a Coronavirus vaccine has been rolled out. You can see his point, it would negate the need for any worry, no masks would be needed when flying and no quarantine on arrival.

Is This The Way Of The Future?

Considering a lot of people are chomping at the bit to get vaccinated, it probably makes sense. Countries around the world are planning to get entire populations sorted out with vaccine, so no doubt everyone will have proof of this.

I’m sure the crazy anti-vaxxers will be fuming at their inability to fly to Australia, but ho hum. The only issue is going to be the roll out schedule of any vaccine. I’m sure I would be quite put out if I had to wait months for a vaccine, and potentially missing flying opportunities.

Overall Thoughts

It’s interesting to see what Qantas are planning and I’ll be curious to see if other airlines follow suit. Not only that, it may well become an immigration requirement that you must be vaccinated before being allowed to enter a country.

All of this is designed to keep populations safe and to get people travelling without fear. At the moment Qantas is not even flying internationally, but this is the plan once they do.

What do you think of this development at Qantas? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Vismay Bhadra via Wikimedia Commons.