In major Australian capital cities, Qantas operate a business lounge in addition to the Qantas Club. These lounges are restricted to passengers travelling in business class and oneworld alliance Emerald level frequent flyers.

The Qantas Club is paid lounge access and these are the lounges throughout Australia. oneworld Sapphire members are also granted entry to these lounges which are quite good. The business lounge is one step above.

Brisbane Domestic Business Lounge

Brisbane recently saw some lounge renovations so the business lounge is one of the newest in the network. It features a full service bar along with a dizzying array of food options. Options abound when it comes to seating and relaxing.

During the evening the lighting varies from bright to dim depending on where you choose to sit. Power points are available in all the banked seating which is very handy.

Toilet Facilities

Bathrooms feature nice grey marble counter tops and each basin has an individual mirror. Aspar products are available and there are even hanging lights to complete the picture.

Cleanliness is important and everything is spic and span and as it is all new, nothing is showing any signs of wear – unlike the equivalent and much older lounge in Sydney.

The Cantina

At the Cantina you can get yourself a baked potato loaded with lots of goodies. It’s a nice concept and these differ in each port.

Always enjoying a bit of food, I decided to try the baked potato. This is served in a nice little black bowl with handles and looks quite good.

Baked potatoes are a perfect snack and mine went very well with the sparkling water I was drinking. Later on I switched to some Champagne from the full service bar. No complaints from me!

All Day Dining Options

As well as The Cantina there are self-service all day dining options which are a feature of the business lounge in every city. You have a selection of hot or cold options or you can make a toasted sandwich. Today’s offering is a beef massaman curry with steamed rice.

Food quality is generally quite high in a Qantas lounge which reflects the general quality of food in Australia. It is difficult to get a bad meal in that country as there is good access to fresh ingredients.

For business people looking for a meal after work, it covers all the bases. You can eat light, eat lots or have nothing at all. I chose to eat light and stuck with my potato.

Overall Thoughts

A visit to a Qantas domestic business lounge is a relaxing experience. Those wanting to work have access to fast Wi-Fi as well as an array of food and plenty of options for drinking. While busy, the lounges never appear to be out of seats and you can usually find a quiet place to relax or a place to have a business meeting.

The fact this lounge is new made the experience even more enjoyable. Hopefully Qantas will refresh the more tired lounges in Sydney and Melbourne as these are now lagging behind in quality. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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