I am very slow on catching up with emails, travel news, etc this week.  I see this has already been blogged about, so hat tip to Gary. But since I just registered for the offer, I felt like a quick post was in order.  Basically, if you book and purchase a flight with a MasterCard card on AA.com between now and December 15, 2010, you are eligible for a $10 dollar MasterCard Gift Card.  Registration is required, and there’s a limit of one gift card per person.  (T&C are also available at the registration site)  Better yet, if you purchase a flight plus a “travel need” such as a hotel, or rental car on AA.com, you get a $25 dollar gift card.  Purchase 2 travel needs, and you get a $50 dollar card.  It’d be nice if they granted a gift card for all bookings between now and December 15, but this is certainly better than a stick in the eye.