Atlanta fliers, be advised that one the main runways at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is closed for the better part of a month for some maintenance work. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the airport does not expect a significant impact to traffic.

“According to the airport, the runway closure is “not expected to significantly affect flight traffic” and travelers should not notice any change in the flight schedule due to the work. The airport added that September and October are the slowest months for air travel.”

The runway that is affected is the northernmost runway, usually used for arrivals. The reality of my Thursday night flight was a slightly delayed arrival in Las Vegas due to a lengthy taxi time. We took the “end around” taxiway and taxied about half the length of the active departure runway before crossing back over the runway and getting in line. It was an atypical taxi out, and took a bit of time. Other than that, I noted no issues. I fly again next week, and will see if longer taxi times are a trend while the runway is out of service. They expect it to reopen on October 15th.

-MJ, September 20, 2014