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A cool aspect about having a Priority Pass Select membership is that at some airports instead of getting lounge access, you can eat at a restaurant! I have Priority Pass Select from my Capital One Venture X Card, so earlier this week I got to access the San Francisco Giants Clubhouse which is located in Terminal 3 at SFO. Currently, there are a little over 20 Priority Pass Restaurant’s in the US.

Note: Priority Pass Select Memberships that are granted from American Express do not allow you to visit the restaurants, and the restaurant had a big sign at the entrance saying no AMEX issued Priority Pass’.

Hours and Details:

The restaurant is open from 5:30 am – 11 pm daily. It’s a bit further in Terminal 3, away from the security checkpoint in Concourse F, Gate F13.

How it works is that you can get $28 off your bill per person. You’re allowed to bring one guest, so that becomes $56 off the bill (tax counts too!). You have to cover any overages and of course make sure to tip!

The Meal:

My friend and I visited the San Francisco Giants Clubhouse with a pretty full stomach already and arrived right before 5pm on a Tuesday for a snack and dessert. The restaurant was pretty crowded but still had some seats available, and we were helped pretty quickly.

Service was sufficient, not the best but not the worst. The food came out rather quickly which was nice, as it allowed us more time to visit the AMEX Centurion Lounge afterwards.

We ordered the famous Filet Mignon Beef Sliders ($26.95) as well as the Simple Sundae ($8.95) and the Squeeze Play ($8.95). We were under our $56 credit, so all we had to leave was tip!

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The Filet Mignon Beef Sliders themselves were quite tasty, but I wish the garlic fries were less heavy and salty. It was quite hard eating the fries, so I didn’t really touch most of them. I enjoyed my Simple Sundae, and it really was quite simple. Just ice cream scoops, some cream and sauce. I do wish for the price for perhaps some toppings? My friend got the Squeeze Play and she liked the cookie ice cream sandwich, but found that there was way too much caramel and chocolate sauce.

Here is the current menu as of March 2022:

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The Verdict:

Overall, it was cool to stop by the San Francisco Giants Clubhouse San Francisco (SFO) before my flight and use my Priority Pass benefit for some Filet Mignon Sliders and dessert! I do wish the garlic fries that came with the sliders were less salty and heavy, but next time if my travels bring me here I would like to try other items on the menu!


Have you visited the San Francisco Giants Clubhouse San Francisco (SFO) before? What were your thoughts? Comment below!


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