I was flying from Maui back home just this past weekend and noticed on the Priority Pass website that there was a lounge there! It’s the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club Lounge. I read the reviews online and many people complained about the lack of snacks and really only having drinks. Still, it’s always nice to have refreshments, so I decided to check it out.


There are many ways to gain access to this lounge, specifically:

  • North America and Neighbor Island First Class Hawaiian Airlines guests
  • Pualani Platinum and Gold members
  • Premier Club members
  • Priority Pass members (What I used, which I have membership from my Hilton AMEX Aspire, and my AMEX Platinum Card)

The lounge is open from 6am to 8:30pm, and it is located right across Gate 17.

My Experience:

I entered Saturday at about 10:30 AM, and the attendant let me know that we would be first on the waitlist and she would text me when a table opened up. We got the text in about 10 minutes, and then my parents and I we were able to enter the lounge. It’s nice that you can bring two guests for no extra charge with a Priority Pass Select Membership.

The lounge is quite small, with a few high top tables, array of low chairs and some dining tables. There is coffee, a soda machine, water filter and a fridge containing the famous Hawaiian Airlines Passion Fruit juice drink. For snacks, you are limited to a single option- the Hawaiian Airlines Pau Hana Snack Mix. In comparison to the Priority Pass Lounge at Honolulu, the Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge, this lounge has much less food and beverage options. The reason can be attributed to the fact that the Plumeria Lounge is for business class travelers flying internationally on Hawaiian Airlines, versus the Premier Clubs can be accessed by anyone flying domestic First or Inter-Island First Class as well. 

Premier Club Lounge Maui

Soda and Fridge with Passion Fruit Juice

Premier Club Lounge Maui

Coffees and Tea

Premier Club Lounge Maui

Passion Fruit Juice and Snack Mix

There is lounge WiFi, and the seats have both USB and power plugs. There are no lounge bathrooms; you have to go back into the airport to use the restroom.

Premier Club Lounge Maui

Some Hightop Seating

The Verdict:

A very limited service lounge, but having air conditioning and a place to charge your phone in the warm Maui airport was nice at least. If my travels take me back to the airport, I may revisit and grab some of that tasty Passion Fruit juice.


Have you visited the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club Lounge Maui before? Comment below!




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