On the way back from Europe I had a 4 hour stopover in Boston. Priority Pass was my big friend on the trip in Europe and it was handy one last time in Boston.

My flight was out of Terminal B but that only has the Chase Sapphire Lounge that I do not have access to. Priority Pass gave me access to The Lounge in Terminal C opposite gate C19.




a glass door with a reception desk in front of it

A pleasant entrance and a lovely lady at reception. Checked my Priority pass card and boarding pass and all was good.


Drinks choices:

a bar with a tv and a green garland

There is a nice bar here with a few specialty cocktails on their menu. I instead opted for a vodka and orange which was really good.

a coffee machine next to a tray of coffee cups

I love this automatic coffee machine which is standard in almost all lounges these days. Lovely cappuccino at the press of a button. Tea is also available.

a coffee maker and condiments on a table


Food choices:

This lounge had 2 types of soup available for lunch. I had loaded potato which was great. Then by the time I was ready to leave they had 2 different flavors available. I wish I had more time to try them all.

This particular bowl had beef stew with barley and vegetables.

a large silver pot on a white surface

A pleasant, fresh and tasty salad bar.

a group of bowls of vegetables and a bowl of food

There are snacky biscuits and muffins and chewy gummy bears. Also nuts and pita bread.

a plate of cookies and muffins on a table a group of glass jars with food on a shelf

This lounge is in the jetBlue terminal but Boston airport has good connecting passages that do not require you to go through security again. It only took me about 20 minutes to walk from this lounge across to Terminal B and all the way past the gates to get to my gate B18.

a screens with blue text and white text

There is a lot of seating in a smallish space. There are plug points available in the floor for charging, no plugs in desks or chairs yet.

people sitting in chairs in a room with people waiting for their flight


This was a very enjoyable stopover in The Lounge in Boston.

Priority Pass is a very useful addition to your travel arsenal. It will get you into a lounge in almost every airport in the world.