British Airways have installed some power nap pods in their Galleries first class lounge at London Heathrow. These will also roll out to the Concorde Room lounges at New York JFK and Heathrow Terminal 5 as well, in due course.

Called the ‘Forty Winks’ nap lounge (well, what else would you call it?), it sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Getting too comfortable would mean a missed flight, or at the very least high potential for the airline walk of shame.

Power Nap Pods

The EnergyPods – billed as “the world’s first chair designed exclusively for power napping” – allow the napper to choose the duration of their nap or go for a 20 minute pre-programmed one. It reclines, it has a privacy visor (very 2001: A Space Odyssey) and is going to make you feel amazing.

Once the Concorde Rooms reopen, attendants will wake you, with a hot beverage of your choice in their hand. That, plus water and hot towels, should make it more of an experience for the ultra-premium passengers.

According to the British Airways press release, sleep pods were right at the top of the list of things frequent flyers wanted in the lounges. 100,000 people were surveyed, so I guess it must be true.

Even with impressive features such as a place to store your bag and valuables, I still find it a curious addition to the lounge facilities. I guess it will remove the shoeless snorers that you sometimes find splayed out on a couch meant for three.

Overall Thoughts

Power nap pods, not something I would have thought of, but since survey says this was a big want by frequent flyers, who am I to argue? I guess for the sake of this blog, I should give one a go, though it is not my thing.

I’m usually slightly too keyed up when in an airport to be able to switch off and relax completely between flights. Perhaps on my next long layover I will have the best chance of enjoying it. If I can get one – if this is what people want, they should be popular.

What do you think of the power nap pods at the British Airways first class lounge at Heathrow? Have you ever used any kind of nap pod or indeed these? What are they like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Images via British Airways.