You could be one of the lucky ones!!! That is, if your name is on the Manchester New Hampshire Police Department’s 48-page “lucky Pokemon winners” list, you could have a shot at capturing the rare Pokemon character Charizard!

Well, not exactly. It appears law enforcement is keeping up with the latest trends in technology, ditching past tricky sting operations such as “FREE TV GIVEAWAY” to lure in those individuals on their wanted lists, with outstanding warrants, and even those owing child support. So why not leverage the hottest new mobile app to attract them to the police station with the hope of catching a prized Pokemon character… while only a set a silver bracelets and a fresh mugshot awaits to be caught (no XP points awarded).

Here is the Department’s Facebook page post with a link to their wanted persons list of names.

Manchester NH Police Pokemon

While this seems more likely a public relations move than a real sting operation, crazier things have happened. All the shares, comments, and likes indicate it was good for a laugh.

Maybe it makes up for all jokes aside when law enforcement has to deal with an uptick in traffic accidents due to DWC (“Driving While Catching”). Remember, #DontCatchAndDrive!

BONUS: Nice job, Casey!



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