What does an Australian who moved to Ireland sound like when interviewed by an American? Now is your chance to find out, as this week I am featured in the latest NowBoarding podcast.

Hear me talk about what sparked my interest in air travel, the airlines and hotel brands I like, as well as my favourite uses for my frequent flyer miles. The total time is a little under half an hour.

Making A Podcast

Each week a BoardingArea blogger is interviewed by Ed Pizza, host of Miles to Go and writer of the blog Pizza in Motion. This gives you the chance to learn more about your favourite writers on the network.

During the making of the podcast, I felt like I was in experienced hands. Before starting, a list of topics that would be discussed are sent over, which gave me some time to formulate my thoughts.

I tend to speak quite quickly and I had a feeling I was doing that while recording. Once it was all put together, I listened to it back. Apart from cringing at the sound of my own voice, I certainly do talk in a speedy way.

My favourite part is the lightning questions at the end. I prepared an answer in advance for the question about my favourite airline, as I have more than one and wanted to say why each one was on my list. It had to be done!

Overall Thoughts

Who doesn’t like talking about their own experiences? I know I like it, which is probably why I enjoyed making the podcast. It’s great that there is something like this on the network.

Feel free to go to NowBoarding and listen to me talk for about half an hour. If you do, pop back here and let me know in the comments below what you thought of it. Thanks for reading!

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