As a recap from February, I thought I’d highlight some of the more popular posts I published. It’s always interesting to see what people enjoy the most, and from the looks of it, airline bookings and programs seem to be among the more popular this time around.

Why I’m Glad I Passed on the $600 Emirates First Class Fare

This was an amazing deal, but it would be crazy to position all the way across the world to fly it. I’m sure there are plenty of people who jumped on it. I had a ticket priced and ready to book, but spending days of time and more miles (or cash) to get to Penang, it would have been quite the endeavor. Still, you typically don’t see pricing like this!!

Is This Cathay Pacific’s Oddest Flight Path?

After booking a Cathay Pacific first and business class ticket with Alaska Mileage Plan, I noticed that the flight time between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv is rather long. Turns out that this isn’t an error. Cathay and El Al both fly a long, circuitous route between these cities.

The real question is…will Cathay still be around next year after the coronavirus is (hopefully) past us? They’re hurting pretty badly right now.

Will Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Devalue Significantly After Joining Oneworld?

When the news broke about Alaska Airlines joining Oneworld, I was more dismayed than excited. While it will allow us more options, if American rubs off on Alaska’s loyalty program, I expect the value of Mileage Plan to tank. Let’s hope my predictions don’t come true.

Finally: I Booked My First Fifth Freedom Flight!

Fifth freedom flights are something that have always interested me since I learned about these special routes. There are many airlines that operate them. A favorite that has gone by the wayside is Cathay Pacific’s flight from New York to Vancouver. This Air New Zealand ticket was a lucky find.

Or…maybe not so lucky. I’m leaning toward canceling it, given the global situation at the moment.


Hopefully March will be as enjoyable as the last two months in terms of blogging! Both were excellent months, with lots of great stories from everyone here at Travel Update.