Arriving into Rome on the long-haul Alitalia Magnifica business class return from Los Angeles, I didn’t expect to have time to enjoy an airline lounge at Fiumicino. The previous transit had been spent mostly running. Luckily, there was more time this go-around, and after clearing passport control, I found I actually had time to enjoy the Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino.

I’m not sure what my options were flying Alitalia business class, but rather than stop to look them up, I figured putting my Priority Pass card to use was the easiest option.

Lounge Location

Although this was just my second time at the airport, I find Rome Fiumicino confusing. There are multiple terminal designations and multiple concourses. There is a whole lot that seems to be lumped into Concourse E, while Concourse C seems to be a transition zone between B and D. I don’t know. Maybe it would all make sense if I’d spent more time here.

In any case, I completely missed the turn from Concourse E into Concourse D. Backtracking, I finally found the lounge location. It is on the upper level above the gate area, opposite gate D3. This is within the Schengen Area, so if  you’re departing on a non-Schengen flight, make sure you leave sufficient time for passport control. There is actually a second Passenger Lounge in Concourse E anyway.

The Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino is an easy walk from C or D gates, but a longer one from B gates. I gave myself 15 minutes to get to gate B30 for my flight to Barecelona.

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino Access

You can access the Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino using a Priority Pass membership. The lounge is open from 5:30 AM to 8:20 PM daily. They do accept digital card, but I like to travel with my plastic Priority Pass card whenever possible. 

The lounge has no restrictions on guests, so you’re welcome to bring them in according to the terms of your membership. Kids under 3 are admitted free. I still don’t see the point of charging full price for a child until they are maybe pre-teen age, but that is the policy of many lounges.

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome location

I would have taken a photo of the front desk, but the lady there protested the instant I pulled up my phone to snap a shot. I asked her if I may, and she stated, “no, it’s not possible.” I’m not sure if this is a policy, or if she simply didn’t want her photo taken. Either way, I’m fine respecting that. No one protested when I took photos in the lounge later, so my guess is it was just her presence in it. 

General Space

The Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino is rather small. There are essentially two sections, with lots of seating against the windows between them. The window seats offer plenty of USB and European-style power outlets. Remember to bring your plug adapter!

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome

The window seats also offer a very nice airport and runway view. I spent most of my time here, enjoying a light lunch and writing during the time I had at Fiumicino.

The back section is a bit cozy with low couches and seats in the corner. I really liked the aesthetic of the plants on the brick wall.

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome

There weren’t all that many people in the Passenger Lounge Concourse D when I arrived, but it filled up around 1:00 PM. Actually, it was packed. My seat was immediately taken when I got up to leave. 

The Passenger Lounge offers its own WiFi. I did not perform speed test, but I had no issues with the typical internet functions of web browsing and social media.

Food and Beverage

The Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino offers a reasonable food selection for a lounge of its small size. There are lots of sweet options, including muffins and donuts, as well as rolls and small sandwiches.

Other offerings included a small salad bar selection, a pasta salad with anchovies, and rice with veggies. Neither the pasta nor rice were all that good. I didn’t finish my small serving of either. 

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome food

With nothing but sugary carbohydrates on the other side of the table, I settled for an orange and a bit of salad. My Alitalia business class flight to Barcelona would include lunch, so I wan’t looking to eat much.

The drink options include juice, water and white wine well stocked in the coolers. There is also a selection of red wine and spirits on the counter, as well as a coffee machine. Everything is self serve.

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome beverage

Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome: Final Thoughts

As a quick stop before a short-haul flight, the Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome Fiumicino is a fine little lounge. The space is reasonably nice, and you can grab a light snack and enjoy views of the terminal and runway. The beverage selection is good, but I found the food a bit of a miss.

Without a shower or better food, it would be a lackluster experience before a long-haul flight. Luckily, the other lounges in Concourse E have you covered. I had initially wanted to visit the Plaza Premium Lounge, but given that it was on the wrong side of passport control and an even farther walk, I decided the Passenger Lounge Concourse D Rome was the safer pick.