We all know that the northeastern part of the US is basically shutdown while the latest blizzard beats us into submission.  Airports from DC northward are basically closed, and I’m not convinced that tomorrow is going to be any better.  If you are attempting to fly somewhere in the next few days, flexibility, patience, and a little luck will be your friends.  A phone call from a former airline colleague today reminded me of what things can be like at the airport when major storms strike.  Her airline has placed a skeleton staff at an airport hotel in hopes of having enough staff on hand to operate when the runways are finally clear.  So some airport staff are holed up in hotels along with their stranded customers.  Things will eventually start moving again, and when they do, just remember to try and not take out your frustration on those around you and try to be pleasant to the airline folks who stand between you and a seat home.  They want to get you on your way so they can go home too.