The promos from the various brokerage houses have going on for a long time…years, in fact.  Thing is, I recently took advantage of one of the promos for the first time, so I thought I’d share the details with you.  MrsMJonTravel and I had been discussing our options regarding where to place vast holdings of stocks and bonds (OK, I’m kidding about “vast”) for a while.  A few months ago, I just happened to stumble across this post on TM Travel World.  It seemed Fidelity’s mySmart Cash account might be a great option for us, so I did a little research on this and other options, and finally narrowed things down to Fidelity.  Just a few things that attracted me to the Fidelity mySmart Cash option.

  • It’s with Fidelity
  • Your cash is FDIC insured and held at a bank
  • You can use the account like a checking account, complete with ATM and billpay
  • Fidelity reimburses your ATM fees for using any ATM
  • The ATM card only charges a 1 percent foreign transaction fee
  • And I got miles for the deal

What’s not to like?  A little judicious googling revealed few (in my opinion) complaints on the part of other Fidelity users, so I was sold.  After discussing with MrsMJonTravel, I registered us for the mileage promotion at, and set things up.  I funded the account with the necessary cash, and transferred our stocks from our old broker to Fidelity.  All of this was done with inspiring ease.  I assumed I would need to wait weeks for the miles.  But after opening the account on Monday afternoon online, I was pleased to see that the bonus miles had posted to my Mileage Plus account this morning!  It only took 5 days.

There may be better deals out there, and Lord knows, don’t consider this investment advice please!  But if you are looking around for a brokerage account, don’t forget to check your favorite airline’s promotions page for possible bonus miles with certain brokerage houses.