I’m frequently accused of a lot of things when it comes to Delta Air Lines. Words like apologist, misguided, and Kool Aid consumer are used. I suppose if a mileage program were the only reason I traveled, those words and perhaps a few others might be on target. A look at the top 3 reasons I fly Delta are in order.

# 1 – A reliable airline matters.

# 2 – I continue to be pleased with the level of care I receive as a SkyMiles Medallion.

# 3 – I’ve never walked off a Delta flight and said “wow, I can’t wait to fly someone else.”

There’s a bit of unrest surrounding SkyMiles 2015. For sure, it will be different and some customers will leave if they haven’t already. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again. If you fly Delta, you need to have a backup frequent flier currency. Ultimate Rewards work nicely, and I enjoy a rather healthy balance of AA/US miles too. On the other hand, if a frequency program is the only reason someone is flying a particular airline, that needs a second look.

Airlines are for profit companies in the business of transporting people and cargo between points on a map. Yes, they sell miles too, and we are right to expect something in return for those miles we accrue. Will SkyMiles 2015 correct some of what has been wrong with SkyMiles? I hope so. Will it matter in the end, I don’t think so. In reality, most people pick an airline based on convenience and price, not on the quality of the frequent flier plan. Based on recent financial performance, I’d say that Delta has invested in providing a product that people are willing to pay for. As long as they keep doing that, SkyMiles 2015 will arrive and not that many people will notice. And I’ll keep drinking the Delta Kool Aid because they get me where I want to go comfortably and reliably.

-MJ, May 30, 2014