Out and about a bit in June. Blasting off for Oklahoma City next Tuesday morning for a week of work. Would’ve left on Monday, but there just happen to be no airline seats to be had for less than a cool grand one-way to OKC on Monday on United. Yikes. Have to fly UA as they are the government’s contract carrier for the route. Delaying a day got me the going government rate which is…let’s just say….significantly more affordable for the taxpayers. I’ll be staying at the Sheraton OKC again. Really wanted the Hilton Skirvin, but they will not sell a room at the government per diem which is a whopping $73 dollars in OKC!!! Yes, that’s right. I get $73 dollars to purchase lodging in Oklahoma City. Believe it or not, rooms are out there for that rate as long as you pick your dates right.

I’ll be traveling to the Denver area in mid-June for a training class that my benevolent employer has offered me the opportunity to attend. I hope that doesn’t sound snarky, because I’m truly grateful that they are investing a not insignificant sum of money for me to attend. I’ll do my best to put the training to good use.

I’ll post from Oklahoma City. Looking forward to a steak at Mickey Mantle’s this trip. I also noticed a sushi bar called Raw when I was walking around downtown during last month’s visit. I think I know where I’ll be dining on Tuesday evening!

Updated on June 9, 2007

My OKC trip was cancelled Monday morning. We were handed a new priority at work, which will have its own travel requirements, and must be turned around quickly. I’ll still be heading to Denver on 6/17 though.