It’s literally part of my routine almost every trip: pass through security, and then pick up a bottle of water. I can’t bring water through, so I end up buying it every time. It’s a terrible habit, easily correctable by purchasing a reusable water bottle and refilling it as needed.

Now SFO plans to push me and everyone else in that direction.

SFO Bans Sale of Plastic Water Bottles

On August 20th, SFO will ban the sale of plastic water bottles. This doesn’t just affect the quick-stop vendors who offer it to you for $4.29, but also to vending machines and even restaurants. The environmentally friendly move is the first by a major U.S. airport. It is just another step that the city is taking to slash waste and reduce their consumption.

The ban is only to plain water, however. You can still buy flavored water, soda, and other beverages in plastic bottles. I’m not sure if/when these will be cut as well, but for now your Coke is safe.

As SFO vendors sell 4 million bottles of water per year (a $12 million dollar revenue stream, assuming $3 per bottle), the move could certainly impact them. My guess is that they will move to boxed water, or possibly even glass bottles (at an even higher price).

If you’re passing through SFO, I highly suggest bringing a refillable bottle. I’m sure SFO will be able to hook you up with one made of either metal or glass, if you do forget. As for filling it, well, you’re in luck. SFO has over 100 hydration stations scattered throughout the airport.

What do you think of SFO’s move toward reducing plastic?