Airports can be really boring places to wait around in, right? Frequent flyers have it better as they can visit a lounge to partake in the freebies and pleasant environment. What happens when you have no lounge though?

Due to the pandemic, some airports have no lounge available at all. That, coupled with the fact that many retail outlets, restaurants and fast food places are closed, makes for a pretty grim experience.

No Lounge Access

Sometimes when there is no lounge access available, the airline will give you a voucher. This means you can go hog wild and shop ’til you drop on their largesse. Well, as much as you can with €10 in a mostly closed airport.

Other times, you don’t even get a voucher. That means you get to sit in the airport terminal, socially distancing, with nothing going on around you. It’s mildly creepy and not at all stimulating for the senses.

It is lucky we live in an era of wireless Internet connectivity and devices. Keeping in touch with friends while sitting waiting for your flight is often the only option.

What About Normal Times?

Shopping in airports is not my thing. I don’t find it fun and the only time I ever buy something is if someone has asked me specifically for it. I’m also not big into eating at the airport, even when there is no lounge. I’m that rare person that likes to eat on the plane.

A friend of mine enjoys a 1 hour massage anytime he passes through Schiphol in Amsterdam, and I could see myself doing that. But that’s about it, there’s not a lot that would interest me. I’m generally content to sit, people watch and dip in and out of my phone.

Overall Thoughts

Regardless of everything, having no lounge at all is not a good experience, especially when you have a card allowing access. I also feel for all the wonderful people who are out of work because so much is closed. Many people rely on aviation to be healthy, not just airlines and airports, there is a whole supply chain to consider too.

I’m curious – what do you do at the airport? Are you a mad shopper? Perhaps you’re a bar hopper or someone who loves to check out the local cuisine? Maybe you sit with a book or gaze out the windows at the aircraft? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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