OK, I’m kidding about carrying Delta Points‘ luggage, even if he does have a bit of the big head about hitting Diamond Medallion since he did ask me to carry his bags for him when we were on the same flight earlier this week. Hey, he really was kidding. 😀 That said, I’m not kidding about Platinum Medallion. I posted recently about my quest for maximizing Delta MQMs now that I have relocated to Atlanta. Let’s look at my situation.

  • I live in Atlanta.
  • I fly outside the country once per year, on average. (Ships don’t count)
  • MrsMJ accompanies me on less than 25 percent of my flights.
  • I live in Atlanta.

About Atlanta. Hey, this is Delta’s home and largest hub. I can fly to just about anywhere in the country, heck, on the planet I want to go nonstop, or with only one-stop. I no longer travel outside the country significantly, so SkyMiles less generous systemwide upgrades are not a huge deal breaker for me. SkyMiles’ respectable domestic upgrade program is just that, respectable. Its one weak spot – traveling with a companion and you go to the bottom of the list. If I’m traveling with MrsMJ, I split the reservation and put myself in the least desirable of our two seats. Upgrade clears, MrsMJ sits up front, I take her better seat in coach. If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, right? For that flight headed across the pond, I’ll redeem miles for premium travel for the both of us. I have actually seen Delta Business Elite availability at the low level, not a ton, but it’s there if you work for it. Further, I’ve got a healthy cache of alternative currencies to spend on premium travel if I need to.

Did I already say “about Atlanta?” Yes, I did. My other choice is Southwest. Frankly, I like flying on Southwest just fine for certain flights, but until they figure out what TSA PreCheck is, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in a Silver Medallion upgrade out of Atlanta on Monday morning that they will routinely see me on one of their flights. And you know what? That’s just fine, because I like flying Delta. Yes, I really do.

Why bother with Platinum? Hey, it’s higher than Gold, and at my current flying and MQM earn rates, it’s not only obtainable, more importantly to me, it is maintainable. I don’t expect to get upgraded on every flight, heck I don’t expect to get upgraded on a lot of flights. I do expect an improved travel experience, and a slightly better level of care with the higher status. In short, it will make what I have found to be a very good customer experience with Delta just a little better. And Delta Points will stop asking me to carry his bags.

-MJ, May 15, 2013