On the heels of Chase, American Express has announced that they have added a sign-up bonus to their Business Gold Card. The Business Gold Card was revamped in 2018 with larger multipliers and more categories to choose from.


What’s Going On?

The bonus for the Business Gold Card is worth 35,000 points. It can be earned after spending $5,000 in the first three months. Nothing has changed with the Zip Recruiter and G-Suite memberships as of late. Those are offered in addition to the 35,000 points. The bonus on the old version of the Business Gold Card was higher. But a lower bonus makes sense for Amex because of the huge earning opportunities given with the card.

Nothing else has changed regarding annual fees, earning structure, or perks.


Is It Worth It?

Compared to what was offered before today, this is a much better deal. Earning something is better than earning nothing. And this is especially true if you don’t think the two memberships are useful. The sign-up bonus makes this card more worth it in the short-term. For many businesses, it was worth it in the long-term given its bonus categories.

Furthermore, you’re getting a bargain if you compare this new bonus to that of the American Express Business Platinum Card. The Platinum’s bonus is worth up to 75,000 points. But you must spend $20,000 in the first three months to get the points. For many businesses, $20,000 is a huge amount for a three-month period. However, $5,000 is a more manageable number, making the Gold Card a great alternative in terms of a sign-up bonus.


Final Draw

One of the biggest knocks on the American Express Business Gold Card was the fact that it had no sign-up bonus. That has now changed, making this card more balanced and friendly for entrepreneurs and business owners. The Business Gold Card now joins the Business Platinum Card with some nice sign-up bonuses. But the former is more manageable for many businesses over a three-month period.

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