Irish airline CityJet has unveiled new uniforms for their flight crew and cabin crew. The uniforms were designed by Irish designer Aideen Bodkin with input from the employees themselves. The uniforms are the second piece of big news this year, with the other news being that CityJet is the first European operator of the Russian built Sukhoi SuperJet.

Uniforms for the 21st Century

The pink and charcoal is a very perky combination, giving a very contemporary look to the crew. The colours will look fantastic in cabin as they will stand out and compliment the dark leather seats in the new SuperJet.

Scarves are deliciously cute and a little playful which adds to a feeling of relaxed professionalism. I really like the fact that all the models in the photos announcing the new uniforms are actual crew at the airline. I think using real crew in situations like this is very important.

CityJet News

It is rumoured that CityJet and Stobart Air, who operate regional services on behalf of Aer Lingus as Aer Lingus Regional, are planning to merge. Stobart Group is a transport conglomerate who also happen to own London Southend Airport. An outline agreements has been reached to have CityJet base aircraft at that airport and operate four routes from Summer 2017. It looks like there will be many opportunities to fly on the new SuperJet aircraft in the not too distant future.

Overall Thoughts

CityJet is an airline to watch as they appear to be on a steady course to success. The new uniforms will enhance the modern image the business is seeking to portray. New agreements and business opportunities should ensure the airline’s success as a niche player in the European aviation market. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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