I passed through the new terminal B at La Guardia last week for the first time since the reconstruction was completed.

It is a very pleasant experience, they did a lovely job of modifying the old terminal.

I am sure most of you have read about the intention of getting away from the old style terminal and making a modern airy space and oh, how well they succeeded.



Arrival at gate 20:

I arrived at gate 20 and saw that the plane was heading to Dallas.

a screens in a building

This is the waiting area near gate 20, all the space in the world available.

people in a terminal

Here is where you leave this section of the terminal and head across the bridge. Look at the height of the ceilings.

people walking in a terminal


Crossing the bridge:

The bridge from the arrivals and departures hall across the taxiway to the gates.

people in a large room with many windows

Lovely view of the planes at the gates and taxiing out to the runway.

a window with a view of an airport


The display fountain:

This is a concentration and distribution area around the water feature. It puts on regular displays using lights, colors and water.

people in a large airport

Many stores and restaurants in this area.

a large white hall with people and christmas decorations

Lovely Christmas theme with the fountain at work.

a large building with a christmas tree and people

Another walkway with restaurant and rest rooms.

a group of people walking in a large building


The (mens) restrooms:

Talking about restrooms this is one of the mens restrooms in the new terminal. Very elegant and tidy, a really nice design.

Large size with a lot of cubicles. Elegant washbasins.

a bathroom with mirrors and sinks


The arrivals hall:

The arrivals hall with even higher ceilings.

a group of people in a large airport

Artistic feature wall mural.

people walking in a building with a mural on the wall

Arrivals hall from the entrance to the building.

people in an airport

Once through the arrivals hall this area will get you on the way to your correct gate.

a large white tiled floor with a sign in the middle

A display advertising what is good in New York State.

a poster on the wall of an elevator



The redesign is great. The ceilings are amazing, the stores and restaurants are lovely, especially around the display fountain, the restrooms are also lovely.

All in all a very successful redesign. After Terminal 1 in San Francisco and this one at La Guardia things are really looking up for modernizing the older US terminals.

Here’s hoping for more such upgrades around New York.