Club Europe is the business class product on British Airways and today a new meal service has been introduced. Earlier today I posted pictures of what is offered for a flight departing during the brunch window which is 9:30am to 11:00am.

Lunch time is scheduled for flights departing between 11:00am and 2:00pm at British Airways. As luck would have it, today I had two flights so I can reveal the lunch offering also.

Lunch Hot Offering

As mentioned previously in the brunch post, there was previously no hot offering on short and medium flights. Once again, the hot option is a Ciabatta at the moment. I’ll be interested to see if the sandwich changes at some point.

When the tray is delivered it is a bit of a let down as it just looks so incredibly bland. Two white plates and a white Ciabatta with white linen – no colour and movement. Luckily it is fairly tasty and much better than the one I received at brunch.

Lunch Cold Offering

For those on a diet, you can opt for the cold salad. Unlike the leaf fest of the salads previously served, this one is spare but good. Potato salad, chicken, lemon, tabbouleh and a prawn.

Nothing wrong with this at all however more of it would have been good. In my case I am glad it is small as I had to eat two meals on two flights in a row so I could get pictures. First world problems, right?

Bonus Meal – Brunch VLML

FlyerTalk user JustTheOne posted a picture today on the British Airways Club Europe Catering thread of a VLML special meal at brunch time. VLML is the code for “Vegetarian Meal (Lacto-Ovo)” if you are wondering.

It appears to be tomato and some kind of soft cheese of some kind. Since it is unlikely I will ever order a special meal on board, I have included this here for posterity.

Overall Thoughts

The new catering is interesting from the perspective that it seems to be a straight reduction in portion size for the cold offerings. To balance that, there is now a choice of meals and the new one is a hot sandwich. The thought struck me that the cold offering would make a nice starter and then the hot offering could be the main course. Obviously this will not happen but it was a nice thought.

Longer flights in Europe will have a proper hot meal offered so I am looking forward to the pictures coming out of the dinner service especially. Thanks very much for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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