Starlux Airlines is the brand new upscale Taipei-based airline that is launching operations later this month. About 2 weeks ago, they published their full website and frequent flyer program. The cool thing was that they offered a status match to their frequent flyer program called COSMILE.

To enroll:

They weren’t very specific with which frequent flyer programs would be matched, only stating that you have to fill in the COSMILE OAL Member Card Tier Match Application Form and attach the other airline’s valid member card copy and other airline’s flight record in recent year, then email to STARLUX Customer Service Center (

The website states that before December 31st, 2020, for those who submit the application, the validity of COSMILE card tier will be adjusted to 4 years after approved. I mean, 4 years seems too good to be true but it’s worth a shot!

Attempting to match:

So, I only have Delta Silver Medallion and I was hoping to just get matched to the “Adventurer” level which seemed equivalent. I submitted my request last week and, I just got this response yesterday:

This application is applied to the highest tier and the second highest of other airline’s frequent flyer member. The accepted card tiers in Delta Airlines are DIAMOND and PLATINUM. SILVER is not included now. If you become DIAMOND or PLATINUM in the future, you can still submit the application.



Starlux Status Match

Darn. Oh well.

On a happier note, at least for those with higher statuses like Diamond or Platnium on Delta, Starlux will match those! The Explorer and Insighter levels on Starlux seem pretty useful as it gives you lounge access!

As of right now, Starlux only has routes from Taipei to 3 cities (Da Nang, Macao and Penang) but they do have plans to expand and will do long haul flights with their A350 that are on order.

Submitting the status match was definitely worth a shot! Have any of you submitted a Starlux Airlines Status Match and were successful or are you planning to submit one?

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