British Airways are taking a conservative approach to status extensions for Executive Club members. After the sweeping extensions of the past, they are progressively extending accounts in smaller batches.

Just about every travel company with a loyalty programme has been extending elite benefits as travel has been curtailed. It probably won’t go on very much longer though!

More Status Extensions

On 11 June 2020, everyone in the Executive Club received a 12 month extension to their cards. Next up, 9 March 2021 saw everyone with a July through December 2021 renewal date granted another year of status.

Now there has been a third round that occurred on 20 September 2021. This gives those with a January, February or March 2022 renewal date an extra year of status. It now means that 75% of the membership has been given two years extra, which you can see below.

Naturally those people who have renewal dates in April, May and June are getting the short straw here. They received a single extension rather than the two everyone else received.

Part of the reason for that is they had the most tacked on in the first round. Still, in the interests of fairness for all, you would think they should also eventually receive the same 24 months as everyone else.

Overall Thoughts

As one of the June renewals, the first extension was quite nice. I was one of the ones who benefitted the most at the time, which was a change from the usual, as I’ve always been left out before. Not that it actually meant anything having the extension. My last BA flight was December 2020 and before that November 2019, so my free status has hardly cost the airline much.

British Airways will certainly only extend the April, May and June people if they absolutely have to. With the USA opening up, I can’t see that happening. For me it’s no big deal, as I have two trips across the pond planned which will renew my status. Not everyone is in the same situation though.

What do you think of the status extensions? Fair or unfair? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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