One of my favorite things about Frequent Traveler University in Los Angeles was the presentation by Cranky Flier, and Cranky Concierge founder, Brett Snyder. I’ve been a fan of since….well, since I first knew what a blog was, so it was a no-brainer that I would attend his session at last weekend’s Frequent Traveler University. Brett took the crowd through an overview of what Cranky Concierge does, and also shared invaluable tips on how travelers can deal with adverse situations.

I’m no stranger to Cranky Concierge, and I gladly reserve their services whenever I am taking a big vacation trip. What is an ex-airline guy like me who knows the in and outs airline operations doing by booking such a service. Well, I’ll just refer you to the byline of my blog, “Tips on Traveling Well” and leave it at that. I will also refer you to my review of the service from a while back. My impressions of Cranky Concierge remain the same. Check it out! You can bet I’ll continue using the service whenever I’m fortunate enough to take a big vacation trip….and maybe some smaller trips too!